🌀's blueprint

A look into the process of building; an open-source collection of research for re-imagining new systems where humans, technology, and nature work harmoniously together — to enrich our life with community and connection in the physical world.
“Technology was not given so humankind could ride roughshod over nature and wreak irreparable changes. Rather, technology is to draw out the hidden essence of all nature so that it can sparkle with new purpose. Technology is not to enslave and command life but to draw forth the infinite possibilities locked within all life and to open new realms of significance. Thus it is that we need to heed the message of life and nature and to create new interfaces infused with nature’s wisdom.” — Shinichi Nakazawa, “Beyond Development: Rediscovering Nature’s Wisdom”


🌿 is an ever-evolving concept that began due to frustration from the lack of regenerative and equitable practices in our current systems, institutions and infrastructures. The instagram below was the beginning of connecting knowledge and patterns together to explore alternative futures.

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🌿 is inspired by the frameworks of

  • Solarpunk Futurism
  • Lo-TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge from Indigenous Communities) —by Julia Watson
  • Biomimicry
  • Emergent Strategy —by adrienne maree brown
  • Whole-systems Thinking
  • Doughnut Economics —by Kate Raworth
  • Warm Data —by Nora Bateson
  • Speculative Design & World-building
  • Sense making & Placemaking


🌿 The website is currently being crafted. Until then, feel free to explore the channel collections below that inform my research into common patterns for a regenerative and equitable future.

We are no longer in the age of gaining information, we are in the age of connecting knowledge.

Always open to new connections. My hope is that continues to grow through and into radical collaboration and co-creation.

Co-creation carries with it a profound respect for each person’s unique expertise, and also the knowledge that we must share both the burden and the liberation of determining our future collectively. There is an urgency to the challenges we face in this moment in history, and no one person, organization, or discipline can determine all the answers alone. | Instagram | Twitter | Email: